wood imitation tiles

wood imitation tiles

The bedroom of the house where the rest space recovers its health after a day of work. The design and use of finishing materials for bedroom floor tiles are particularly notable by architects and clients.

Many customers have asked: should we use imitation wood tiles and how to use them for bedroom space? Small area bedroom uses tiles, what size of tiles, how to make the most beautiful slab-style wood tile without bending the circuit.


Wooden Imitation tiles

To answer the questions above, you should refer to the architectural expert reviews when completing the house floor.

The architects have chosen wooden floor tiles for the bedroom space because of the elements of wood tiles such as natural look, warmth in winter, and cool feeling in summer.

When choosing wood tiles to suit the area, experts say, for small areas use reasonable 40x40 or 50x50 tiles. Large bedrooms should choose 60x60 tiles or wood slat styles.

Imitation wood tiles surface should choose a rough surface, matte glaze, matte glaze feeling element that creates warmth when homeowners wake up and step on the floor.

tiles slats and tiling techniques

Today, wooden bar tiles are also very diverse in size, popular sizes 15x60 and 15x80. The tiling techniques for this type of tiles also need attention.

In case the pavement is bent, there is a lot of curling due to the same distance between tablet 1 and tablet 2.

For the 15x80 tiles line, when paved in a normal or uniform way according to the so-called technique, this tile is a combination of circuits, the uniform circuit combination requires highly skilled technical skills, and the tile needs technical precision. To solve these problems, it is advisable to pave the distance from the paver 20 cm.

The foregoing are judgments from practical experience in wood look tiles construction. All technical suggestions for customer feedback and experience sharing experts. Create a more developed home community.

Some wood tiles patterns are used extensively in finishing the bedroom of clients' homes.

The first product presented to clients is the premium quality wood imitation tiles 60x60 8203 which are widely used by architects and clients in bedroom floor finishing.

tiles has a modern architectural style that uses digital technology that combines procelain tile with the surface of the sugar grain surface. Many customers have read here not very clear what the material of the procelain tiles with the surface of the sugar grain is. By the way, I would like to briefly introduce you about the procelain tiles material with sugar granular surface products.

Porcelain tiles material:

Procelain ceramic tile material of its ceramic tile properties has a hardness many times higher than that of ceramic tile. The composition of the component procelain tiles has a large amount of quartz stone. Porcelain tiles in today's world are most often used in the production of pavers. Vietnam's big tilesmakers are also moving towards the trend of improving the production of procelain tiles, pioneering brands such as prime, viglacera, catalan, concentric, rate, vitto cmc, table jelly and many other tiles companies.

What is the surface of the sugar grain?

The grain surface is the best scratch-resistant surface at present, the product has good scratch resistance. The grain surface provides good resistance to abrasion, when the owner places the furniture but pulls it without causing scratches on the tiles surface. Do not deform the surface of the product.

The cost of tiles with a grainy surface is also much higher than that of ceramic tiles or matt ceramics. The vast majority of tiles surface production is a premium product line.

The second product model is also from the Prime Group with a light imitation wood color suitable for medium-sized bedrooms and lack of light.

Procelain matte glaze surface tile products from the Group's best-selling products for home bedroom space.

The tiles is edge polished to create a smaller, more uniform loop. Based on sales experience, as well as contact with construction experts, advise when building the product lines, you should use plastic corner to create a more uniform circuit. So how much plastic corner is appropriate to use? For vitrified floor tiles paving, use a 1.5 to 2-inch corner deck, which is best. For wall tiles, use a reasonable 1-inch corner pad.

Prime tile 40x40 imitation wood code 2501 cheap product line for bedroom flooring suitable for small house spaces

For this line of tile products, it is recommended to use a 2 li corner pad to create a loop.

Premium Wood Grain Tile 40x40 code 703 Matte ceramic ceramic material is used by many experts and clients to complete the bedroom.

Above are the best-selling imitation wood tiles with high finish applicability. Suitable for many architectural spaces in the house. From modern architectural design to tube house design

If you want to buy or see products, come to our company to receive advice and choose products for your home.


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